Saturday, February 4, 2012

First post

Okay, some rules.

1. Avoid (mostly) drinking and blogging.  No long-term good can come from this.  Epicness, yes.  Ability to someday achieve public office?  No.

2. In a paraphrase from "Groundhog day", "Don't blog angry".

3. Avoid using people's names unless they are okay with that.  I want to mock and ridicule anonymously about my life, not other people.  So if you say "Sure, you can use my name"; and then we break up?  I can vent my spleen and any other organs about YOU.  It's a big responsibility.  Use it wisely, young padawan.

4. Avoid posting any questionable activity, like speeding, doing donuts, in the Sheriff's parking lot or making Sheriff/donut references.  The local LEOs look like body builders who wrestle rhinos into submission, for fun.

I'll add more as time goes on.

Or more likely I'll forget all about this and violate each of my rules.  And who reads EULAs anyway?  Not me.  And not you.  I tired it once... once.

Those things would work better than dental anesthesia!  Interrogators could break prisoner's spirits by giving them internet access that only allows them to read the EULAs and possibly FAQs, of all the websites they really want to visit.  Probably how the Zombie Apocalypse will start.

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