Saturday, May 17, 2014

More tetanus? What is it with me and this topic?

My girlfriend was supposed to get a tetanus booster when she went for her check up.  Since she is a nurse, she is the Queen of Non-compliance. They are all like that.

I've been harping on her and she tells me she will get it during whatever the next follow up is, but she won't. She has an OB/GYN appointment today and I am pushing her to get it then.

Imagine that conversation? How many patients have ever needed a tetanus shot at their lady doctor's? Not many, I'd wager. But I would LOVE to hear the story behind why they might have come across a circumstance requiring a shot for bacteria that live in the dirt. While discussing vaginas and stuff.

Is this a thing mud-bogger girls need more often?

Nobody wants Vagina Tetanus, ladies. So I guess, no matter how tough you are; if *that* gets hurt DO NOT RUB DIRT ON IT!

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